Friday, January 15, 2010

Personal Testimony

As I read the faith-promoting stories of former residents of Nauvoo on the road to the little boat ramp on the Mississippi River, I became aware, as never before, of the power of personal testimony of the restoration of the gospel. This is a faith that does not depend only on Joseph Smith and the great leaders of the Church in that day, but on the rank and file Latter-day Saints who had and have a witness of their own that what he taught and demonstrated by his life, is true. Thus, when I was invited to join a long list of people to add my testimony to theirs of the truthfulness of the gospel from our own life's experiences, I was pleased to do so.

If you would like to read my humble testimony and those of more distinguished individuals than myself, please click
  To read any of the testimonies posted on this site, just click on the displayed photo of the person whose testimony you would like to read. If you want to read mine, you may just insert the name "Walters" in the search box, or first click on the picture of any of the one's displayed on the first page, then scroll down until you get to mine, which you may then read. Enjoy!
Grandpa Wal

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